New Think Psychology group initiative

Live with Awareness, Courage and Love

Think Psychology is proud be the first U.K. host of the global 'Live with Awareness, Courage, and Love' meetup.  Along with our mentor, Mavis Tsai, we are bringing findings of psychological science to a group programme, with the intention of promoting deeper and more meaningful connections within our local community.  For more on the background to the project, watch Mavis's TED talk, linked below.

If you want to connect more authentically with yourself and with others, and to create a more meaningful and passionate life, this meetup, based on research into Functional Analytic Psychotherapy might be for you.  We will practice present moment awareness, self-expression, deep listening, acceptance and compassion, embracing vulnerability, giving and receiving support, and living more boldly. After each meeting, you will leave with exercises and lifestyle tools to deepen your relationships and to move towards what you value most in life. Participants will be given the option to complete brief questionnaires about their experience to compile anonymous data that will improve the effectiveness of this conscious community in creating more interpersonal connectedness and passionate living.


Join Meetup for more information about the project and dates of meetings
Mavis Tsai's TED talk on Creating Extraordinary Interactions